Loss brings with it an indescribable pain.

For those that have followed the journey of Today Tomorrow & Always from the beginning, you'll have heard the story many times by now. It's one that I've told more times than I can count and that I'll be continuing to tell everyone that will listen to ensure the reason I founded this business is heard, is known, and that no other family ends up in the same position my family did. The full story is a long one but here's the short version, well I'll try to make it shortish.
In 2015, we lost one of the most amazing men I'd ever had the pleasure of knowing. Manny was so many things to so many people and to even try to explain what he was to me and my family would require a cuppa and a lot longer time frame than what we have here.
Manny was kindest, most caring and immature man I knew. So much so that my nickname for him was MC which stood for Man Child. Over the years he made me laugh, he made me cry and he stood by me and helped me make changes in my life that were long overdue and in turn contributed to who I am today. Losing him was one of the hardest if not the hardest  thing I've ever had to live through. The other was helping my kids through it. Watching them mourn the man they considered a bigger Dad figure in their life than their biological one. A man they hadn't touched or hugged in person but that had such an impact to them they would tell people their Dad had passed away.
If I'm honest, the grieving process took me by surprise, I'd never lost someone this close to me before and it felt like a punch to the gut that just wouldn't heal. I'd say it was a good 2 years before I could say his name or think about him without bursting into tears. Another one before the eruption of emotion and tears was replaced with wet eyes but not a sobbing mess and eventually i got to the point where thinking of him brought smiles and a warm feeling of having appreciated the time he was in my life. Losing him was an earthquake to our lives, a 10.0 to on the Richter scale. The damage and carnage that was left behind by his passing away was felt far and wide, even to this day. He is missed by so many people, people whose lives he'd touched in small ways and large.
About 18 months after his passing I discovered the DNA keepsake industry in the form of breastmilk jewellery and keepsakes. As I then looked into it more I discovered it was so much more than that and felt a wave of sorrow wash over me as I thought of all the ways we could have kept a part of him with us. I cried as I repeated "I wish I'd known about this", "why doesn't everyone know this is an option?" This is why our mission statement is so much more than words, it's action and determination to spread the word and scream it from the rooftops. Letting the world know that we understand that the grieving process is the hardest thing go through and that it's different for everyone. Each person goes through each stage at their own pace. Nothing can stop it nor speed it up. There's no right or wrong way, you just have to take your time and walk the path to get to the light at the end of the tunnel.
Loss is the reason Today Tomorrow & Always was born and I'm always open and honest about this. I've shared the story so many times now that I sometimes smile as I tell it. Not because I no longer grieve his loss or miss his voice but because I selfishly have the opportunity to talk about him and remember the good times we had and the happiness he added to our lives.  I smile because I found a way to turn my pain and grief into something incredible that helps other people cope and have something to hold onto as they grieve. He gave me a way to make my path in the world. A path that fills my soul, a path that leads families to me in their most broken and sad of times and allows me to empathize with them on a deep level.
We hear all too often of the tragic and soul crushing grief of parents. Parents who've had to suffer through the loss of a baby born too soon to survive on earth. Parents of a baby born sleeping or others who were born healthy and safely only to gain their wings while sleeping. This loss, the loss of a child shatters parents on so many levels, not just the loss of their baby but the loss of the dreams and memories and future that will never be made. We have dedicated keepsakes for babies born sleeping and infants who've gained their wings way too soon. We support parents and family members who want to honor the sweet angels taken from earth before they had a chance to live an amazing life.
Sometimes the subject of grief is the loss of a pet. Pets are family members and the loss of a companion is no less painful than any other form of grief. For some, their pets are all the family they have. The one constant in their day to day lives. This includes family pets as well as service animals who are necessary for people to complete day to day tasks. The loss of a pet is horrible and should not be diminished in any way.
We craft our pieces using ashes, hair, or fur in the case of pet loss. We can also use a piece of material from a favorite shirt or flowers, or any other significant item that you feel connects you to your loss. If you have something else in mind that isn't mentioned, please contact us and we'll work with you to create something truly priceless and filled with the memory of your loss that you can keep close to your heart through the painful time of grief.

Gone but never forgotten

There is no pain like the loss of a loved one,​ however our keepsakes allow a heartbroken soul to hold onto memories and be a tribute to their unique & wonderful life.

We mostly craft our pieces using ashes, hair or fur in the case of pet loss, or a bit of clothing or other significant item however if you have something else in mind please contact us and we will work with you to create something truly priceless to keep close to your heart so as to help you through this painful time.