Our Story

On September 18th 2015, I had the biggest life changing event happen to me and my family to date. I lost not only my best friend and fiancé, the man my children saw as Dad, I lost my future. I was forced to not only say goodbye to the man I loved but to be the one to give the official words to turn off the life support machines keeping him alive.

Once I discovered DNA jewellery and keepsakes I knew this was my purpose in life. To ensure no other families have the same regret of not having something to hold onto after losing someone taken too early. While we focus on loss we also celebrate the good times too.

Every aspect of my business is in memory and honour of Manny, I launched TTA on the anniversary of his passing to celebrate him and how even in his passing, he is supporting our family and is a part of our lives daily. The name coming from a saying he’d repeat over and over that it’s how long  he’d love me and until he took his last breath, he kept that promise and now I live everyday keeping up my end.

Unlike many other DNA artisans, I ensure I cater for all moments in life, turning all of life’s memories into keepsakes you can hold, I do tend to be more drawn to loss, especially the loss of loved ones because that’s why I started my business.

At the time of Manny’s passing I had no idea this industry existed, my goal now is to never hear another person say “I wish I knew you existed when….” And only hear “thank god I knew” to help families during all stages of life.


Today Tomorrow & Always was officially launched by accredited artisan and mother of four, Allison Ockenden in Manny's honour - letting him live on in her heart and hands as she crafts each precious and entirely unique keepsake. 


Today Tomorrow & Always was created with the vision of helping others celebrate life, love and loss. Cherishing births, relationships and marriages as well as commemorating the life of lost loved ones by creating memories you can hold and admire.

Allison's goal is to create a priceless mementos to represent any memory you have from times throughout your life, because life holds so many precious moments that deserve to be re lived again and again.