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Today Tomorrow Always Keepsakes



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Letters, whether used as an initial or to spell an important word or name, are perfect for so many occasions: baby showers, births and weddings and an endless variety of milestone occasions.

Now, let's meet the family quickly.

We have our Papa sized letters coming in at approx 15cm tall.
These are perfect as an initial and are big enough to be jam packed with items.
Maybe a pregnancy keepsake with a pregnancy test, ultrasound image, Photo of Mum and Dad to be. Birth announcements with baby's initial and birth details such as weight, length, date and time of birth, hospital band, umbilical stump and maybe some dried flowers that perfumed your room in those first few days with your new little person. Also perfect as a proposal or wedding keepsake, sand from a beach proposal or wedding with dates and locations, the options are endless with this size.
Mumma size is our 10cm letters.
These are perfect to add a personal touch to your child's room, whether on one of our light bases or attached to a name board for a wall or door, shadow boxes too. This is a perfect size to make names out of to display.

Baby size is our 5cm range.
This size might be the smallest but they can be jam packed with small memorabilia. They are sturdy enough to easily stand alone and are perfect for adding things like hospital bands, flowers, umbilical stump, breastmilk and so much more.
Inclusions that work with the letters are
Breastmilk (all milk forms),
Umbilical cord/Stump/Blood,
Embryo straws,
Sand and/or Dirt
Have an idea, contact us and let's see if it's possible.


Want your name or initials to light up? Don't forget to add one of our light up bases.

 To order

Click on the Size you'd like then click the letter you'd like and then click

'ADD TO CART". Repeat this for each letter required ensuring you've added the correct quantity, in the case where you need multiple letters in the same size.

Please note: If you're wanting to have a name or special word made or want multiple letters please contact us before purchasing as these prices are for individual purchase price and we can arrange a bundle price for you.

We've added some popular names / words as examples or type your personalized name / word in the box ensuring you check spelling.

Double check you've selected the correct letter/s count for the words and /or names you'd like made, an incorrect letter count will delay your order and in some cases it may be cancelled.

For combination names or names more than 10 letters please contact me for a quote.

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