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Sleeping Baby Keepsake

Sleeping Baby Keepsake

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Staring at a sleeping baby can be the most amazing way to waste 3 hours of your life at a time but for some parents whose babies were born sleeping it holds a memory of the worst moment in their lives. Our Sleeping Baby Keepsake represents all of the babies of the world, what gives him/her meaning is your story.

The Sleeping Baby Keepsake can be made white, coloured or clear and can be filled with any inclusion/s you like such as: Breastmilk (all milk forms), Hair, Fur, Ashes, Umbilical cord/Stump/Blood, Flowers, Fabric, Sand, Dirt.

*Clear pieces can include a coloured heart if desired, smaller items can be set in a small heart and placed inside the chest of a clear Sleeping Baby Keepsake, you can also include text, numbers or dates. Please add this additional information in the notes section at the checkout should you desire any of these.

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