Collection: Wedding


There are so many ways we can help create a beautiful keepsake or piece of jewellery to commemorate your wedding day.​ Wear before, on or after your big day.

Had a beach wedding? We can add sand. 
Had a garden wedding? We can add fauna 
No matter where or how you plan to or have already tied the know we can help. ​ 

We have a soft spot for weddings if we're honest. A day filled with nothing but blissful happiness, love and surrounded by the ones we love and that love us. For the loved ones that have passed and cannot attend we can create the perfect piece that can be worn as discreetly or loud and proud as you choose. From a bead sewn to the inside of a brides gown where no one will ever know to hair pins added to bouquets or hair all the way through to pendants, beads and even cuff links for the grooms, we will find the perfect way to have ALL loved ones present and represented on your most magical of days.

We can create bridesmaids jewellery to be worn to match bridesmaid dresses. We can even make them from swatches of their dress material making them a completely unique and perfectly matching set. ​ 

Think outside the box and tell us your ideas and let us help make them a reality.