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Keepsake Pendants

Keepsake Pendants

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Keepsake Pendants are perfect for those who want to wear their keepsake loudly and proudly.

Having your piece close to you and close to your heart gives a sense of warmth and connection to the moment or memory that it's linked to with ease.

We love how each piece tells a story, your story. The Keepsake Pendant can be made white, coloured or clear and include one or more of the following: Breastmilk (all milk forms), Hair, Fur, Ashes, Umbilical cord/Stump/Blood, Flowers, Fabric, Sand, Dirt.

The Keepsake Pendant can be made white, coloured or clear (clear pieces can include, birth stones, smaller DNA stones or coloured swirls if desired) and comes with a silver pendant connector ready to fit on to your favourite necklace.

Please include your colour preferences including descriptive style instructions on how you would like each colour to look e.g transparent, tint, solid colour, pale, pastel, bold, heavy, light, swirled with etc in the notes section at the checkout.


Approximate sizes and styles:

5cm Elliptic shaped pendant.

7.5cm Droplet Pendant

 5cm Teardrop


*Please note: necklace in the image is not included.
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