Brides or Grooms to be who have lost loved ones, make sure you read this ASAP. | Today Tomorrow Always Keepsakes

Brides or Grooms to be who have lost loved ones, make sure you read this ASAP.

Weddings & Marriage

A wedding is one of the most memorable and exciting days of your life,


and for as long as I can remember I've loved weddings. I don't know how I even knew what a wedding was when I was little but i knew it's what people who loved each other did. Like most little girls I'd dream about my wedding day, as I grew older so did the depth of my wedding obsession.  I remember friends' getting married' at school in the playground at recess and it really meant something, like this love was deep and forever. Granted, I think the divorce rate of these nuptials was quite high (usually around lunch) and luckily, not legally binding.

When I was around 10 I remember

  hearing stories of the most magical day and dreamed of growing up and meeting my prince charming who'd sweep me off my feet and make me his Bride. How I'd wear a stunning dress that made me feel like a princess and the most beautiful girl in the world and being a flower girl in family members weddings just fueled my little mind with anticipation of when I'd do this and gave me all the warm and fuzzies. Now while I can't speak as to what boys grow up thinking, I imagine it's something along the lines of finding a beautiful girl falling in love, how he'll pop the question when he time is right, down on one knee with butterflies in his stomach hoping to hear just one little word....YES! (Let's face it, I think it's safe to say most men don't think about all the romantic warm fuzzy things that us women do)



Fast forward to adulthood and you suddenly realize all of those expectations you'd set in your mind as a young girl had nothing on how the real thing would feel. You spend months,sometimes years planning the perfect day right down to every little detail  including the pattern on the napkins and there'll be times of stress,times of tears and times you feel like it's all too hard but mostly times of extreme and uncontrollable excitement. That little girl inside of you just beaming with happiness and pride. The countdown feels like it's taking forever but also like it's going fast with lots of little things left to do


and before you know it, the big day arrives............. It's finally your wedding day.

Lashes are curled, suits are pressed, flowers transformed into bouquets that fill the air with a magical scent and then it's time. Time to take that slow walk, arm linked in with your fathers elbow as you walk towards your new husband to be and see tears welling in his eyes at the sight of his soon to be wife. Your wedding day turns out to be the most perfect and magical day. Everything you dreamed of all fell into place and you dance the night away as newly weds.



 And then, as if you blinked and time skipped forward, your wedding day is over in a flash. All of that stress and worry now gone, all of the running around and phone calls back and forth no longer needed.  Just, done, and you can finally take a breath. But with all of this new found free time you start to reminisce over the day and all of the magical moments, some that make you smile and make your heart seem to swell to triple it's size and some that did not. Such as he best man's speech that had everyone laughing til they cried, right through to how you were so distraught and in tears that the flower girls dress had a smudge that you almost missed your queue to begin your walk. When the sound equipment failed right as you began to take your first dance and so you both began to dance insilence, eyes locked on one another, totally in the moment and forgetting youweren't alone, while your family and friends began to join you one by one andhow looking back on it all now, none of it really mattered. All of the thingsthat you saw as having gone wrong are now little memories you'll never forgetand that actually made the day that little bit more special.


There are so many ways we can help create a beautiful keepsake for your home or piece of jewellery to commemorate your wedding day.​ Something to wear before, on or after your big day. All of our keepsakes are one of a kind and made to bring your memories to life.

Had a beach wedding? We can add sand.
Had a garden wedding? We can add fauna
No matter where or how you plan to or have already tied the knot, we can make a keepsake that'll bring you right back to smell of the air and feeling of contentment that filled you through out the whole day. ​

We have a soft spot for weddings if we're honest. A day filled with nothing but blissful happiness and love, all while being surrounded by the ones we love and that love us.

But what about those Brides and Grooms whose fairytale was incomplete?

The Brides whose dreams of her Dad walking her down the isle and handing her over to the love of her life was shattered when she had to say goodbye because he passed away before he could fulfill his promise.A promise made to a young daughter who sat on his knee and told him  he was her hero. Or a Groom, that from the age of 13 had already met the bestfriend he'd call 'brother', the man whom would stand by his side as Best Man at his wedding, hand him the wedding rings and be by his side no matter what life threw at them. But then as it does,  life had other plans and dealt a different hand, a tragic conclusion to this unbreakable brotherhood bond.



For these Brides and Grooms we have the ultimate solution. We can add the hair and ashes of missing loved ones to our keepsakes meaning this Bride can have a part of her Dad, walking with her down the isle.

The Best Man, can stand with the Groom and be present and in front of mind throughout the celebrations that are perfect albeit for their presence being absent.


For all loved ones that have passed away and cannot attend we can create the perfect piece that can be worn as discreetly or loud and proud as you choose. From a bead sewn to the inside of a Brides gown where no one will ever see it to hair pins added to bouquets or hair, all the way through to pendants that can be hung from your bouquet, beads that can be worn on a bracelet or necklace and even cufflinks for the grooms.

We will find the perfect way to have ALL lost loved ones present and represented on your most magical of days.

Keepsakes jewellery crafted with hair and/or ash as well as as memorial keepsakes that will find a special place in your home are the ultimate way to have a piece of a deceased loved one with you for your wedding day or any other special occasion. Not just remembered but a physical part of them can be with you as you say "I DO"

We can create bridesmaids jewellery to be worn to match bridesmaid dresses, we can even make them from swatches of their bridesmaids dresses material making them a completely unique and perfectly matching keepsake set.

"I'd love to have a keepsake made for my wedding but I don't have any DNA to use"

We hear this a lot and honestly this is probably the case more often than not. Not many people plan to need a loved ones DNA for this purpose at the time of their passing and that's why we've made a commitment to branching out and telling everyone that we can get to listen so we no longer hear the dreaded reply "Oh I wish I knew you existed when...." but the good news is we can still make the perfect piece of keepsake jewellery using what ever comes to mind that reminds you of them. A favorite colour, petal of a favorite flower or even a birthstone in a crystal with their name on it, anything that brings a smile to your face when they come to mind.

Our wedding keepsake collection isn't just for the loss of a loved one. We can turn the petals from the bridal bouquet as well as those of the bridesmaids into a bespoke display keepsake to take front and center stage in your home.


The list of what we can craft with to infuse your wedding keepsake with all of the atmosphere and emotion of the day is too long to list.



Think outside the box and tell us your ideas and let us help to turn your memories into something you can hold..

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