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Paws on Patrol

Paws on Patrol

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Set of 4
Add a Keyring with 1 paw

Paws on Patrol is a set of 4 paws made of.... To some, losing a pet is just as hard as losing a human family member. They take the love you give them and return it 10 fold with licks, cuddles, purrs and all of the moments they wanted to be close where you found yourself just wanting some personal space. Now you've had to say good bye and they've taken that last walk over the rainbow bridge you find yourself missing having them close and by your side and in your home. We've been there and we get it.

These paws come in a range of colours and are a perfect keepsake to add into one of our Keepsake Plaques with your pet's name for example or added to a keyring or pendant (at an extra cost) so they are with you always.

Your pets ashes can be added to the pads with a coloured paw or with coloured pads and your pets ashes in the paw itself.

Ideal for pet fur and ashes or without a DNA component and just coloured to set with a photo or urn of your furry family member.

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