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Lockets of Love

Lockets of Love

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Lockets of love are a perfect way to keep memories close to your heart. 

Lockets of love are a perfect way to keep memories close to your heart. Each locket has double-sided glass so you can see your charms from all angles. Included with your locket is up to 4 coloured dots or hearts in any combination using your DNA inclusion of choice.


Heart Lockets are 30mm and contains 36 Swarovski crystals.

Teardrop Lockets are 37mm featuring 31 micro-pave set CZ gemstones.

Round Lockets are 30mm featuring 50 micro-pave set CZ gemstones

We understand you may already have a chain you love but if you'd like to add a matching chain with your locket we can help with this too. 45cm Belcher or Box style chains can be added to your locket with ease. Prices for other matching styles and length chains available upon request.

Our Lockets of Love are perfect for petite coloured hearts or dots or containing your choice of inclusions or just tinted your choice of colour as well as our range of Birthstones and other charms  to represent your loved ones.

Breastmilk (all milk forms), Embryo, Embryo Ash, Hair, Fur, Ashes, Umbilical cord/Stump/Blood, Flowers, Fabric, Sand, Dirt are perfect for use in the stones included with our lockets.

 The yellow and rose gold variations of these lockets are IP plated.

Benefits of IP

Hypoallergenic - Some people seem to have allergic reactions to certain types of jewelry plating, and Ion Plating is also an excellent option because it’s hypoallergenic. This is definitely an excellent choice for anyone who has sensitive skin.

Ion Coating provides:
    - A lightweight option
    - Lower cost for production
    - Stronger and more durable
    - Eight times as durable as others

Durability - IP provides at least eight times the durability of other methods available. This is the same process used to make Gold watches. It provides the quality and durability that is essential for every day wear providing scratch resistance. 

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