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Damascus Steel Ring Base

Damascus Steel Ring Base

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Our Damascus Steel Wedding bands have a striking appearance caused by the varying carbon levels in the original material. As an exceptionally hard material the Damascus Steel Wedding bands are sure to stand the test of time.

They are available in an 8mm width and can be custom made with a unique combination of exotic materials and precious stones to reflect your personal style. You can also request to have DNA added to make your wedding bands even more timeless.

Want it engraved? We can do that too. Add this here, then let us know what sweet message you'd like engraved into your ring on your Client Intake Form.

Not sure what your ring size is? Grab one a Ring Sizer to be sure it will fit like a glove.

Please note: You can care for your Damascus Steel Wedding Rings as you would any fine jewelry. Saltwater and harsh chemicals should be avoided exposure can make the ring more susceptible to rusting. These rings can be cleaned with ultrasonic, steam or jewelry cleaner.
*Carbon fiber is conductive and not recommended for wear by electricians.

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