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Angel Bear

Angel Bear

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Angel Bear is the newest member to our keepsake family. 

Losing a baby during pregnancy, throughout childhood or losing anyone you love leaves a hole within that reminds you something is missing. It's a weight that feels like it will never heal. Sometimes you just want something to hold while remembering your loved one and that's where our Angel Bear is perfect to join your family.

Our Angel Bear is made using our Ted E. Bear with the addition of wings and a halo.

Our Angel Bear is approximately 6.5cm of cuteness that will brighten up your day. 
He/She can be made coloured or clear with a coloured heart visible inside made with your inclusion/s of choice.

Perfect for children to remember lost loved ones and pets or to hold when missing a parent while having visits with other family members. 

Our Angel Bear can be made with your choice of DNA including embryos, breastmilk, other milk substitutes, dried placenta, umbilical stump, hair, pet fur, ashes, flowers and more.

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