Inclusions & Colours



We can craft with any type of milk that represents your connection with your little one. Whether it be breastmilk, formula, soy milk or cows milk we can turn your liquid gold into a beautiful keepsake.

Loved One's Ashes

Your loved one's ashes can be enclosed forever in a unique memento that will honour your beloved for generations to come. 


We can turn a lock of hair into a handcrafted treasure for you to carry with you always. Your loved one may be far away, close by or moved on, they will be cherished forever in our one-of-a-kind pieces.

Sentimental Fabric

Not sure what to do with your loved one's belongings? Transform a sentimental piece of fabric into a priceless keepsake to admire.

Natural Elements

Incorporate special locations or botanicals into your precious keepsakes. From soil to sand or even dried and fresh flowers we can craft your piece to include natural souvenirs.


Many items can hold sentimental value, including baby umbilicals, placenta, pet fur or other priceless reminder. Keep your memories close to your heart through our keepsake artistry. Contact us to discuss your unique inclusion or


Colour & Opal Flecks


Glow Powder Colours