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For most people the path to parenthood is pretty simple and straight forward. We either plan it or those little two lines come as a total yet wonderful shock.

For some parents-to-be it's not this simple nor joyous. Their road to the titles of  Mum and Dad are filled with many doctor visits, medications, procedures, tears  and the emotional roller coaster none of us that haven't been through it can even imagine. They go through it all happily and hopeful for the cutest prize at the end, their baby.

During each IVF cycle the amount of embryos produced vary greatly from person to person. Some end up with enough for only one transfer while others end up with enough to store for the future to grow their families as they choose.

But what happens when your home (and car) are filled with the laughter of your little miracles and your family is complete and you still have embryos in storage?

Currently parents are given very few options, these are usually to either keep the embryo straws frozen which includes paying fees to a clinic yearly, storage fees can run from $750 a year to the thousands, and paying these for an indefinite amount of time is not a viable option for many families. Storage space is also fastly becoming a logistical issue with 100,000's stored across the USA alone.

Embryo donation where the embryos are donated to strangers to transfer, this option is an incredibly selfless and priceless choice to make however for many the knowledge of knowing they have a child in the world, their children have a sibling that they will never know is not something they feel is right for them.

The last option is to dispose of the straws. Disposal simply means the straws are allowed to thaw making them no longer viable and they are thrown away. This option however is proving an enormous issue when it comes to landfill all across the world because the straws are made from plastic.

These are the only real options given to parents that have spend 1000's of tears and 1000's of dollars to be given the chance at parenthood and yet they face the heart breaking choice of what to do when faced with this tough decision.

Today Tomorrow & Always is proud to partner with Embryo Ash Studios™, an embryo straw memorial & cremation service to provide a solution to such a highly controversial yet incredibly important issue facing families worldwide.

The cremation of these embryo straws gives parents another incredible option to consider when facing the questions "What do we do now and what is best for our family?"

Embryo Ash Studios™ is designed to help honour the unsung legacy of IVF, all the while tackling the crisis taking place right now in the fertility industry.

For the families and individuals involved, the lack of options available to ethically dispose of their unused embryos is a matter of intense emotional debate.  To add to that challenge, some states are tightening laws on how many years these embryos can remain in storage. This has increased pressure to find solutions to all of these challenges sooner than later.


Today Tomorrow & Always aims to help parents who find themselves facing this dilemma by providing them the opportunity to bring your babies home where they belong.


We've made the process simple, click the link below. Send your precious straws to be professionally turned to ash by Embryo Ash Studios™, the first of it's kind.  The precious ash is then returned directly to you within 14-21 days. In the meantime we will help you choose the perfect keepsake to have your ash added to and we will lovingly craft your ash into something precious and then for a final time, we will return your babies home to you, your family united and complete for

Today Tomorrow & Always


Visit https://babybeehummingbirds.thrivecart.com/embryo-ash to start the journey of having your embryo babies home for good.