From The Heart: Talking Truths, Taboos & Triumphs

Losing a pregnancy, infant and child in general is the worst pain a Mother can live through but what about the Dad's?

Do you know a Dad of an angel or are you one?

For those who may not be aware Today Tomorrow & Always is now under the business  umbrella of From The Heart. It is still run by me, Allison, but it allows me to expand the work I'm doing in the world and the ways i can touch people during different times in their lives.

From The Heart: Talking Truths, Taboos & Triumphs is the newest addition to the From The Heart family and it covers all of the topics we often find hidden in the shadows, some light hearted and fun, some home truths and everything in between. My goal- to educate people of topics and triumphs to inspire and educate.  

I'm looking for Dad's who've lost a baby or infant  to talk on the topic on the podcast for From The Heart: Talking Truths, Taboos & Triumphs.

Losing a child is such a different experience for the women than it is for the men but the Dad's still feel the loss deeply and struggle with the extra expectation of being strong for their partners while going through their own grief. 

It's time to hear the stories of these men to help understand what it's like for them through this process. Hopefully we can give these men who stay silent a voice and help to start conversations between others to give them the support they need too.

Are you a couple that's willing to do an episode together? WONDERFUL.

Our goal is to get the do's and don'ts out to the world that have no idea the best way to support families going through such a loss.

Please Book a time to chat and let your story be heard. 

There will also be a RealTalk Roundtable on this topic if you're interested in this please let me know.

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